Indmont, The Company

Indmont Sp. z o.o. Spółka Komandytowa was founded in 2008. Since then we have been able to establish a consistently good reputation as a quality-conscious and fair partner for assembly work and personnel leasing in many sectors of German industry. Reliability, precision and adherence to delivery schedules make all the difference for our customers.

The headquarters of Indmont are located in Krakow, Poland, our address in Germany is: Hansaallee 247b – D-40549 Düsseldorf.

Indmont – We Are Fully Committed!

Indmont is an assembly and service company. Our range of services stretches from the assembly / disassembly via conversion / relocation right up to the maintenance of machinery and equipment.

Our long-standing customers are mainly active in the steel and power plant industries, in the chemical and cement industries and in refineries. Projects are implemented in Germany but also other countries of the European Union are increasingly making use of our assistance. Using our many years of experience, each year we realize numerous industrial projects in the form of works contracts and also within the scope of personnel leasing.

In doing so, Indmont places great value on the highest quality of service as well as compliance with deadlines and occupational health and safety regulations. Your safety rules are very important to us. Incidentally, our Indmont team is made up from a permanent pool of employees – all qualified, skilled workers from the metal industry.


What We Stand For

Especially today, at a time of an increasing skills shortage, personnel bottlenecks are the order of the day. By making qualified skilled personnel available, we wish to help our customers to close their personnel gaps. We cater for the bridging of capacity constraints and ensure the reliable and on-time completion of the projects. Fundamentally, the cooperation with our customers is conceived to be long-term as this becomes more efficient the better the knowledge of the work processes of our respective partners is.

Indmont: We Work Professionally

Indmont guarantees the professional execution of its services through the employment of skilled specialists who receive instruction on the specific project requirements in advance. As a rule, the preparation time for an assignment is one week. In doing so, Indmont is able to accurately align itself with the needs of the customer. The employees work together as a well-practiced team. They are led by German-speaking supervisors which ensures trouble-free communication on the building site.

Thanks to its specialist knowledge and experience, Indmont is able to fulfil the expectations of even the most demanding of customers.

Indmont: We Have Qualified Employees

On average, Indmont employs almost 200 permanent employees from various disciplines in the metal industry.

All employees have the certificates required in their professions as well as valid TÜV certificates. They regularly successfully complete training courses and are continuously made conversant with the latest technologies. In addition to this, they are mobile and equipped with the appropriate tools and personal protective equipment.

Areas of Expertise

  • Steel Industry
    Indmont specializes in repair work on continuous steel casting lines, rolling lines, converters and pickling lines in steel mills. In addition, it executes pipelines with various cross sections.
  • Power Plant Industry
    Together with our partner companies, we carry out the annual service work in power stations – amongst other things, the repair of boilers, turbines, pumps and dedusting installations.
  • Chemical Industry
    Repair work on the sites of refineries in the gas and oil producing industry belongs to the increasingly important items that expand the range of cooperation offered by our company.
  • Cement Industry
    Indmont is also present in numerous cement works and carries out service work in connection with the repair and maintenance of the electrostatic precipitators, the preheaters, the rotary kilns and the dispatch facilities.
  • Steel and Metal Construction
    We employ highly qualified welders and fitters for the installation and dismantling of steel structures.
  • Mechanical Engineering
    We provide our contractual partners with highly qualified machine fitters who carry out the entire work in the fields of disassembly, repair and maintenance of machinery and equipment.
  • Pipeline Construction
    We work in the field of pipeline construction in the chemical, power plant and iron and steel-making industries.
  • Construction of Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning Systems
    We install high quality, energy-saving systems as well as ventilation and air-conditioning systems while observing high quality standards and adherence to delivery dates.
Indmont Sp. z o.o. Spółka Komandytowa

The Indmont management team

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