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You’re looking for a new employer, a new job, a new challenge? As a returner to work, a first-time job applicant or someone looking to change their profession?
As a classic temporary employment agency, we offer a large number of interesting alternatives that could also be of interest to you. On our website, therefore, there is detailed information about temporary work and the opportunities and advantages for you.

Working for Indmont also means financial security right from your first working day!

Indmont offers the best opportunities for skilled personnel; but career changers are also very welcome at our company. After a comprehensive induction, everyone finds the best opportunities for an interesting and varied working environment in temporary employment. Our employees are always getting to know other companies and tasks and are proud of every successfully completed project.

Working for Indmont also means the assurance of financial security from the start in your first working day, after all, we are members of the Interessenverband Deutscher Zeitunternehmen e.V (Association of German Temporary Employment Agencies (IGZ)). Remuneration is in accordance with the IGZ / DGB (German Trades Union Federation) collective wage agreement and employment is subject to the German Labour Laws. Social security is guaranteed. Every assignment broadens the professional horizon and strengthens the qualifications for the working world.

Working for Indmont – The working relationship

Temporary employment is a triangular relationship between the employee, Indmont Sp. z o.o. Spółka Komandytowa as employer and the respective customer company. The employees have a permanent contract of employment with Indmont which guarantees them the collective agreement workers’ rights.

Indmont concludes a time-limited contract with the client company and in so doing provides qualified personnel to the client. On the expiry of the agreed time limit, there is either a follow-up contract in the same client company or a new contract is concluded. The various contracts and the work assignments associated with them bring a high level of increased expertise with them. Temporary employment provides the opportunity of time and again getting to know other operational and working procedures and so to continuously become better skilled.

Working for Indmont – The advantages at a glance:

  • Professional prospects:
    We offer all employees varied work with the best of professional prospects.

  • Secure jobs:
    Thanks to a broadly based customer structure in different industrial sectors, our jobs are crisis-proof.

  • Fair payment and financial security:
    Financial security from the first working day.

  • Increased skills:
    Gain in skills through varied assignments.

  • Full collectively agreed and social security:
    Application of the BAP collective wage agreemen

Indmont Sp. z o.o. Spółka Komandytowa

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